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SMD Triple Play (AMM)

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  • SMD Triple Play (AMM)
  • SMD Triple Play (AMM)
  • SMD Triple Play (AMM)
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The SMD Triple Play (AMM) is the ultimate package for any audio enthusiast or professional installer. This comprehensive set includes three essential tools that will revolutionize your car audio experience - the DD-1+, CC1, and AMM1.

Firstly, the DD-1+ is a powerful distortion detector that ensures your car audio system is delivering clean and distortion-free sound. With its user-friendly interface, this tool allows you to accurately set the gain of your amplifier, ensuring optimal performance and preventing any potential damage to your speakers. The DD-1+ features a built-in test tone generator, making it easy to fine-tune your system without any additional equipment.

Secondly, the CC1 is a must-have tool for achieving perfect audio balance in your car. This audio system controller is designed to set precise levels of your head unit's gain and equalizer settings, guaranteeing high-quality sound and eliminating any unwanted noise or distortion. The CC1 gives you full control over your audio system, providing a clean signal and crystal-clear sound reproduction.

Lastly, the AMM1 is an indispensable asset for anyone looking to accurately measure and adjust the output voltage of their amplifier. This compact and portable device allows you to measure the output voltage of your amp, ensuring that it delivers the desired power to your speakers. With the AMM1, you can fine-tune your audio system to perfection, achieving the perfect balance between power and audio clarity.

The SMD Triple Play (AMM) is the ultimate toolkit for audiophiles, car audio enthusiasts, and professional installers. By combining the power of the DD-1+, CC1, and AMM1, this package provides you with all the necessary tools to optimize and refine your car audio system. Whether you are a novice or an expert, the SMD Triple Play (AMM) will take your audio experience to new heights, delivering unrivaled sound quality and performance.

Invest in the SMD Triple Play (AMM) today and unlock the true potential of your car audio system. Experience audio like never before and enjoy every beat, note, and bassline with impeccable clarity and precision.
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