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Multifunctional measuring devices

  • Next-USB


    All-purpose multichannel measuring device Four Lab-Bus ports for connecting sensors Updatable software Data transmission to a PC, tablet PC, or smartphone Wi-Fi support (optional) Inbuilt battery (optional) Description The Next-USB device is intended...

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  • Next-LCD


    Completely autonomous, all-purpose measuring device Completely autonomous Internal battery Graphic display with back light Two Lab-Bus ports for connecting sensors Built-in signal generator (sine, noise) Updatable software Transmitting data to PC Wi-Fi...

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  • LCD Bass Meter(Second Edition)

    LCD Bass Meter (Second Edition)

    Handheld spectrum analyzer with SPL measuring function Completely autonomous Power supply from batteries or through USB Bright display with back light Frequency range from 10 to 120 Hz Amplitude range from 120 to 185 dB Calibrated according to the...

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