QR Series

QR Series

The QR Series category features a wide range of high-quality speaker box terminals and accessories, designed to provide a quick and efficient solution for connecting speakers to audio systems. This category includes products like the SMD QR-2 Quick Release Speaker Box Terminal, SMD QR-1 Quick Release Speaker Box Terminal, Speaker Terminal Cork Gaskets, and Ring Terminals (available in 8AWG, 4AWG, and 1/0 AWG) with a 5/16" hole.

The SMD QR-2 and QR-1 Quick Release Speaker Box Terminals are the highlights of this category. These innovative terminals are engineered to save installation time and effort. Featuring a push-button quick release design, they allow for fast and secure connections. These terminals are ideal for both professional installers and DIY enthusiasts who value convenience without compromising on performance. With their sturdy construction and superior electrical conductivity, these quick-release terminals ensure a stable and reliable connection between your speakers and audio system.

Ensuring optimal performance, the category also offers Speaker Terminal Cork Gaskets. These gaskets are essential for achieving a tight and secure fit between the speaker terminal and the speaker box, minimizing air leakage and enhancing overall sound quality. Their durable cork construction provides excellent insulation and vibration damping properties, thus preventing unwanted resonances or distortions.

Completing the range, the category includes Ring Terminals with various wire gauge options, such as 8AWG, 4AWG, and 1/0 AWG. These high-quality ring terminals feature a 5/16" hole size, suitable for a wide range of speaker wire sizes. With their strong and reliable connection, these ring terminals ensure efficient power transfer and help maintain optimal signal integrity.

Whether you are building a new sound system or upgrading your existing setup, the QR Series category has everything you need to create professional-grade speaker connections. With its quick-release terminals, cork gaskets, and durable ring terminals, this category offers reliable and convenient solutions for professional installers, audio enthusiasts, and anyone seeking to enhance their audio experience. Trust the QR Series for high-performance, hassle-free installations.
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