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SMD Triple Play (AMM) w/ Protective Briefcase

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  • SMD Triple Play (AMM) w/ Protective Briefcase
  • SMD Triple Play (AMM) w/ Protective Briefcase
  • SMD Triple Play (AMM) w/ Protective Briefcase
  • SMD Triple Play (AMM) w/ Protective Briefcase
  • SMD Triple Play (AMM) w/ Protective Briefcase
  • SMD Triple Play (AMM) w/ Protective Briefcase
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The SMD Triple Play (AMM) w/ Protective Briefcase offers a comprehensive set of tools and accessories for audio enthusiasts and professionals alike. This all-in-one package includes the highly acclaimed DD-1+ Distortion Detector, CC1 Crossover Calibrator, AMM-1 Audio Multimeter, and a custom-designed protective briefcase.

The centerpiece of this product bundle is the DD-1+ Distortion Detector, a cutting-edge device that allows you to accurately set the gain structure of your audio system. With its advanced analytics and intuitive interface, the DD-1+ ensures that you achieve distortion-free audio output, resulting in superior sound quality. Whether you're a car audio enthusiast looking to fine-tune your system or a professional installer aiming for optimal performance, the DD-1+ is an indispensable tool.

The CC1 Crossover Calibrator is another exceptional inclusion in this package. This precision instrument enables you to accurately set the crossover parameters of your audio system, matching the frequencies and amplification levels of your speakers. By achieving proper alignment, you can ensure a seamless transition between the different components, delivering balanced and lifelike sound reproduction.

The AMM-1 Audio Multimeter is a versatile tool that enables you to measure various electrical parameters, such as voltage, current, resistance, and signal level. With its easy-to-read display and wide range of measurement capabilities, the AMM-1 is perfect for troubleshooting audio systems, assessing signal quality, and verifying the integrity of audio connections.

To protect and organize your valuable tools, this product package is completed with a custom protective briefcase. This sturdy and well-designed briefcase features a foam interior that is precisely cut to accommodate each tool, ensuring a snug fit and maximum protection during transportation or storage. The briefcase's durable construction and secure latches guarantee the safety of your equipment, allowing you to focus on your audio projects with peace of mind.

With the SMD Triple Play (AMM) w/ Protective Briefcase, you can take your audio setup to new heights. This complete package equips you with the essential tools and a secure carrying case, making it perfect for professionals, enthusiasts, and anyone who appreciates pristine sound quality. Upgrade your audio game today with this comprehensive bundle.
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