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SMD DD-1 and CC-1 Combo Pack

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The SMD DD-1 and CC-1 Combo Pack is a powerful duo specifically designed to enhance your audio experience by providing accurate and efficient gain setting and crossover calibration. With the Distortion Detector (DD-1) and the Crossover Calibrator (CC-1), you will have the necessary tools to achieve optimal sound quality and take control of your audio system.

The DD-1 is an essential tool for any audio installer. Its precision circuitry and analog design allow for accurate measurements when setting the gain of your audio amplifier. This ensures that the output level of your source unit matches the amplifier's gain, resulting in optimal sound quality. The DD-1 can also help detect distortion in the audio signal caused by poorly designed or malfunctioning equipment. With the included protective silicon rubber boot, calibrated test tone CD, harness for easy connectivity, and user manual, the DD-1 provides convenience and reliability.

The CC-1 is another invaluable tool for audio enthusiasts. It allows you to set the crossover frequency of your electronic crossover quickly and accurately. Whether you want to enter "Competition Mode" or match gains on multiple amplifiers, the CC-1 has got you covered. Its digital microprocessor-controlled circuitry ensures precise measurements, and the -3dB point accuracy of +/- 0.25dB guarantees exceptional sound reproduction. Like the DD-1, the CC-1 comes with a protective silicon rubber boot, calibrated test tone CD, harness for easy connectivity, and user manual.

The DD-1 and CC-1 are both powered by a 9V battery, which ensures independence from the vehicle's electrical system. This isolation eliminates any noise from the charging system, ensuring accurate measurements. The RCA input connector allows for easy measurement of the output of your head unit directly, and if the harness becomes damaged, it can be easily replaced or repaired in the field.

With the SMD DD-1 and CC-1 Combo Pack, you can take control of your audio system and achieve the best sound possible. The accurate measurements and precise calibration provided by these tools will enhance your listening experience and allow you to enjoy music the way it was meant to be heard. Invest in the DD-1 and CC-1 combo pack and take pride in owning these precision pieces of equipment that will serve you reliably for many years to come.
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