SoundQubed HDS2.215 Subwoofer

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  • SoundQubed HDS2.215 Subwoofer
  • SoundQubed HDS2.215 Subwoofer
  • SoundQubed HDS2.215 Subwoofer
  • SoundQubed HDS2.215 Subwoofer


The SoundQubed HDS2.215 Subwoofer from the Heavy Duty Street 2 Series is the ultimate upgrade for your car audio system. With improved build quality, sound performance, heat dispersion, and frequency response, this subwoofer takes your listening experience to a whole new level.

Available in 8, 10, 12, and 15-inch models, the HDS2.215 Subwoofer features a dual 2 or 4-ohm voice coil for added versatility and customization. However, please note that the specifications for the 6.5-inch version differ slightly from the rest of the series.

When it comes to setting up your car audio system, the HDS2 series offers an affordable solution. Choose between a sealed, ported, or band-pass enclosure to suit your preferences and pair it with the appropriate S Series monoblock amp for optimal performance. Thanks to the 10 AWG push terminals (14 AWG direct leads in the 6.5 and 8-inch models), wiring is a breeze.

To ensure longevity and maximum performance from your HDS2.215 Subwoofer, it is crucial to properly break it in. Following the recommended steps to loosen up the suspension before pushing the sub to its limits will guarantee a longer lifespan and exceptional bass quality.

The HDS2.215 Subwoofer boasts an oversized double magnet that delivers consistently high output levels at 600 Watts RMS. Its vented, electroplated back plate effectively disperses heat away from the coil, reducing the risk of burning the subwoofer's voice coils. The subwoofer also features a 2.5-inch diameter, four-layer copper dual voice coil with a conical back plate for longer travel and reliable performance.

With cast aluminum frames, the HDS2.215 Subwoofer offers improved heat sinking and increased excursion compared to stamped-steel baskets. The three-piece spider system ensures enhanced performance and lower tuning, while the Extended Range of Motion (EROM) surround profile allows for long, controlled excursion and accurate coil signal response.

Overall, the SoundQubed HDS2.215 Subwoofer delivers powerful bass that will elevate your car audio system. Get ready to experience a dramatic improvement in sound quality and performance with this exceptional subwoofer.
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