SoundQubed 0 Gauge Amp Kit

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  • SoundQubed 0 Gauge Amp Kit
  • SoundQubed 0 Gauge Amp Kit
  • SoundQubed 0 Gauge Amp Kit
  • SoundQubed 0 Gauge Amp Kit


The SoundQubed 0 Gauge Amp Kit is the ultimate solution to complete your SoundQubed build. With its high-quality components and impressive specifications, this amp kit is designed to deliver exceptional performance and reliability.

Featuring CCA true gauge wire wrapped in our translucent Q-Flex insulator, this kit ensures maximum power transfer and optimal signal quality. The kit includes a generous 17 feet of Q-Flex power cable in either 4 or 1/0 AWG, along with 17 feet of 10 or 12 gauge speaker wire and 3 feet of ground cable in 4 or 0/1 AWG. This comprehensive kit has everything you need to connect your amplifier to your SoundQubed tweeters, coaxials, components, and subwoofers.

To ensure clean audio signal transmission, the kit also includes a 17-foot remote turn-on wire and a 17-foot braided RCA cable. These cables deliver steady power and maintain the integrity of the audio signal, resulting in impeccable sound reproduction. Additionally, a 2 or 3-foot wire loom is provided to protect and organize the wires, ensuring their longevity.

For safety and protection, the kit is equipped with a 100 or 250 amp fuse, along with a high-current ANL fuse holder. These components safeguard your amplifier and other equipment from potential damage caused by power surges or short circuits. The kit also includes all necessary accessories such as zip ties, grommet, rubber crimp sheaths, and gold-plated eyelets for hassle-free installation.

What sets this amp kit apart is the true gauge wire, which surpasses industry standards. The 4 Gauge Kit features wire with a thickness of 0.2043 inches, while the 1/0 Gauge Kit boasts an impressive thickness of 0.325 inches. This ensures that the wire can handle high power demands without compromising performance.

The 4 Gauge Amp Kit is specifically designed for high-power applications, perfectly pairing with amplifiers up to 2,000W, such as the Q1-1200.2 and Q4-150. On the other hand, the 0/1 Gauge Kit offers flexibility and is ideal for use with our Q1-2200 or Q1-6000 amplifiers.

With its top-notch quality and comprehensive features, the SoundQubed 0 Gauge Amp Kit is the ultimate choice for any audio enthusiast. Experience unparalleled performance and build your SoundQubed system to its full potential with this exceptional amp kit.
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