Category Description: SPL Meters

SPL Meters, or sound pressure level meters, are a must-have tool for sound technicians, musicians, and audio enthusiasts alike. These devices allow you to accurately measure and monitor the loudness or intensity of sound in decibels (dB). Whether you need to calibrate audio equipment, ensure compliance with noise regulations, or simply optimize your sound settings, SPL meters are the go-to solution.

The SPL Meters category offers a range of products designed to suit various needs and preferences. From compact and portable options to advanced models with enhanced features, there is a device for every user. Let's take a closer look at some of the offerings:

The USB Bass Meter (Second Edition) provides precise bass measurements, making it perfect for music producers and bass enthusiasts. Its USB connectivity allows for easy integration with your computer or recording setup.

The Next-Lab SPL Sensor - SPL meter offers a versatile solution for measuring sound pressure levels in various applications. Its compact design and easy-to-use features make it a reliable choice for both professionals and amateurs.

For those seeking wireless convenience, the Wireless Bass Meter (Third Edition) provides reliable SPL measurements without the hassle of cables. Its portable design allows you to conveniently take measurements anywhere.

The Mini Bass Meter v2 SE-G and Mini Bass Meter are compact and user-friendly options that offer accurate sound level readings, perfect for musicians, DJs, and audio technicians on the go.

The Next-Lab SPL Sensor (Wide Band Edition) is ideal for capturing a wide range of sound frequencies, making it suitable for analyzing and optimizing sound systems in professional audio setups.

In addition to SPL meters, this product category also includes accessories such as the Next-Lab RTA Microphone, USB Noise Meter (Pro Edition), USB RTA Meter (Pro Edition), LCD Bass Meter (Second Edition), Next-USB, Next-LCD, Next-Lab Power Sensor, and Smart Voltmeter. These additional tools enhance the functionality of SPL meters and provide a comprehensive solution for all your sound measurement needs.

With the SPL Meters category, you can accurately measure and analyze sound levels, ensuring that your audio setups and performances are at their best. Explore the range of options available and choose the SPL meter that suits your requirements and preferences.
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  • USB Noise Meter (Pro Edition) USB Noise Meter (Pro Edition)

    USB Noise Meter (Pro Edition)

    SPL Lab

    New USB Noise Meter (Pro Edition) is intended for measuring a noise level sound pressure level (SPL) and AFC with high accuracy in the entire audible range up to 20,000 Hz/ The source of the measured signal can be provided by both industrial equipment...
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