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Sky High Car Audio CCA 1/0 Gauge - By the Foot



Sky High Car Audio CCA 1/0 Gauge - By the Foot is a premium power or ground wire that delivers exceptional performance for your car audio system. Designed with true AWG 1/0 gauge capability, this wire is perfect for connecting your audio components and providing them with the power they need to deliver outstanding sound quality.

Crafted with Copper Clad Aluminum, this wire combines the best of both worlds by providing the conductivity of copper and the lightweight durability of aluminum. This unique construction not only ensures optimal electrical conductivity but also makes the wire more resistant to corrosion, ensuring long-lasting performance.

Featuring a matte finish, this power wire offers increased flexibility, making it easier to route and install in your car. The matte finish also helps reduce interference and noise, resulting in cleaner and crisper audio playback.

With an internal diameter of 13 mm (just under ½”) and an outside diameter of 16 mm (just over 5/8”), this power wire is guaranteed to fit perfectly in your car's wiring system. Its precise dimensions ensure a secure and snug connection, minimizing the risk of any loose or frayed connections that could affect the performance of your audio system.

The Sky High Car Audio CCA 1/0 Gauge wire provides the perfect balance of performance and affordability. It offers the same high-quality performance as more expensive wires on the market while being budget-friendly. Whether you are a car audio enthusiast or a professional installer, this wire is a reliable choice that meets and exceeds your expectations.

Upgrade your car audio system with Sky High Car Audio CCA 1/0 Gauge - By the Foot, and experience the power, clarity, and reliability it brings to your audio setup. Invest in the best for your car's audio needs and enjoy an unparalleled listening experience on the road.
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