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Sky High Car Audio presents the ultimate solution for car enthusiasts who demand the best sound quality while driving - the 80Mil Sound Deadener. With a nominal thickness of 80 mils (0.080 inches or 2 mm), this sound deadener provides unparalleled performance to enhance your audio experience on the road.

The star feature of this product is its 6 mil aluminum layer, which serves a dual purpose of sound dampening and heat reduction in your vehicle. Say goodbye to annoying road noise and enjoy a quieter, more comfortable ride, while also keeping your car cooler during those scorching summer days.

Our sound deadener is equipped with a super sticky butyl rubber adhesive backed with aluminum, ensuring a secure and long-lasting bond. The thick black foil, adorned with metallic white and silver logos, not only looks sleek but also helps to reflect heat away from your vehicle, keeping the interior temperature pleasant even in hot weather.

Each sheet of the sound deadener measures 23.5" x 11" and is conveniently folded in three for shipping, allowing for easy handling and storage. Although this product is robust and effective, it weighs just under 1 pound per square foot, ensuring that it won't add unnecessary weight to your vehicle.

To cater to the diverse needs of our customers, the Sky High Car Audio 80Mil Sound Deadener is available in a range of variety packs, starting from 16.5 square feet all the way up to our mega bulk pack at 99 square feet. Choose the pack that suits your specific needs and enjoy the best sound quality your car audio system can deliver.

For optimal installation results, we recommend thoroughly cleaning the surface and heating both the metal surface and the sound deadening material before installation. With proper preparation and installation, the Sky High Car Audio 80Mil Sound Deadener will transform your driving experience, allowing you to enjoy crystal-clear sound and a quieter, more comfortable ride. Upgrade your car audio system today with our superior sound deadening solution.
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