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Deaf Bonce Rigid 10 Sheets of Sound Deadener Material


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The Deaf Bonce Rigid 10 Sheets of Sound Deadener Material is a game-changer in the world of sound deadening products. This super hard material is based on bitumen and features an aluminum foil surface coating, making it a standout choice among its competitors.

Designed specifically for «dB Drag Racing» competitors, according to the rules of the association, this sound deadener offers the maximum effect of body rigidity improvement. It is engineered to enhance the performance of vehicles, providing a solid and rigid foundation for an enhanced audio experience.

When you purchase this listing, you will receive a total of 10 sheets of the Deaf Bonce Rigid Sound Deadener Material. Each sheet has a thickness of 2 mm (78.7 mil), ensuring optimal sound deadening capabilities. The package quantity of 10 sheets covers an impressive 25.8 square feet, allowing you to effectively treat a large area of your vehicle.

With a weight of 3.4 kg per square meter, this sound deadener strikes the perfect balance between providing exceptional performance without compromising the overall weight of your vehicle. Its innovative design also features an ILC (Internal Loss Coefficient) rating of 0.25, further enhancing its ability to reduce vibrations and noise.

Each sheet of the Deaf Bonce Rigid Sound Deadener Material measures 15.7 inches by 23.6 inches, making it convenient to work with during installation. It is easy to cut and shape to fit specific areas of your vehicle, ensuring a customized and seamless installation process.

Say goodbye to unwanted vibrations, road noise, and rattling sounds with the Deaf Bonce Rigid 10 Sheets of Sound Deadener Material. Enhance your driving experience and take your audio system to new heights with this high-quality and effective sound deadening solution.
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